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This smart contract saves and records the status messages of NEAR accounts that call it.

Windows users: please visit the Windows-specific README file.


Ensure near-shell is installed by running:

near --version

If needed, install near-shell:

npm install near-shell -g

Building this contract

To make the build process compatible with multiple operating systems, the build process exists as a script in package.json. There are a number of special flags used to compile the smart contract into the wasm file. Run this command to build and place the wasm file in the res directory:

npm run build

Note: Instead of npm, users of yarn may run:

yarn build

Using this contract

Quickest deploy

Build and deploy this smart contract to an development account. This development account will be created automatically and is not intended to be permanent. Please see the "Standard deploy" section for creating a more personalized account to deploy to.

near dev-deploy --wasmFile res/status_message.wasm --helperUrl

Behind the scenes, this is creating an account and deploying a contract to it. On the console, notice a message like:

Done deploying to dev-1234567890123

In this instance, the account is dev-1234567890123. A file has been created containing the key to the account, located at neardev/dev-account. To make the next few steps easier, we're going to set an environment variable containing this development account id and use that when copy/pasting commands. Run this command to the environment variable:

source neardev/dev-account.env

You can tell if the environment variable is set correctly if your command line prints the account name after this command:


The next command will call the contract's set_status method:

near call $CONTRACT_NAME set_status '{"message": "aloha!"}' --accountId $CONTRACT_NAME

To retrieve the message from the contract, call get_status with the following:

near view $CONTRACT_NAME get_status '{"account_id": "'$CONTRACT_NAME'"}'

Standard deploy

In this second option, the smart contract will get deployed to a specific account created with the NEAR Wallet.

If you do not have a NEAR account, please create one with NEAR Wallet.

In the project root, login with near-shell by following the instructions after this command:

near login

Deploy the contract:

near deploy --wasmFile res/status_message.wasm --accountId YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME

Set a status for your account:

near call YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME set_status '{"message": "aloha friend"}' --accountId YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME

Get the status:

near view YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME get_status '{"account_id": "YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME"}'

Note that these status messages are stored per account in a HashMap. See src/ for the code. We can try the same steps with another account to verify. Note: we're adding NEW_ACCOUNT_NAME for the next couple steps.

There are two ways to create a new account:

  • the NEAR Wallet (as we did before)
  • near create_account NEW_ACCOUNT_NAME --masterAccount YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME

Now call the contract on the first account (where it's deployed):

near call YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME set_status '{"message": "bonjour"}' --accountId NEW_ACCOUNT_NAME
near view YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME get_status '{"account_id": "NEW_ACCOUNT_NAME"}'

Returns bonjour.

Make sure the original status remains:

near view YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME get_status '{"account_id": "YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME"}'


To test run:

cargo test --package status-message -- --nocapture

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